Frequently Asked Questions

When can I drop off/pick up my instrument?

By Appointment Only – Sorry no walk-in hours.

Email for appointment here anytime.

Call for an appointment: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm (602-714-7413)

I also offer pick-up and drop-off service.

Where are you located?

1502 E. Culver St., Phoenix, just south of 15th St. and Mcdowell. Please call to schedule an appointment. map

How do I humidify my instrument in AZ?

The Arizona climate is extremely rough on an instrument. Moments of extreme heat and consistent dryness can cause the wood of your instrument to warp and even crack. Unfortunately, I have seen this happen way too much. If you want to humidify your instrument properly, I recommend you buy a cellulose sponge humidifier from a local music store and always keep both the instrument and the humidifier in the case at all times when not in use. I have a very affordable house-made Arizona-ready humidifier made from a resealable plastic baggie and a large sponge.

How often should I get a setup?

I recommend that you get your instrument setup once per year with minor adjustments of the truss rod as the seasons change. In the desert climate, this usually means twice per year, once in the hot summer/monsoon season and one in the cooler winter months. If you are thinking about changing your string gauge dramatically, the guitar will adjust a bit to the change in tension. You will at the very least need a truss rod adjustment, nut re-slot, and strobe intonation.